How I view my role as your Postpartum Doula

As a postpartum doula my first priority is always to empower you in your parenting and relationship with your baby and family. I provide evidence-based information as well as tips and tricks other parents, and I myself, have found useful. I strive to be up to date on not only current research but the possible pros and cons of current trends. Of course I have my own opinions but as a doula my place is not to sweep in the room with cape on, ready to fix all the things and tell you how to parent! My role is rather to help you tie on your own cape so that you may feel equipped to take on anything parenting may bring.

Let’s sit down together and take a moment, letting go of all the expectations fettering your mind. Unload all of your experiences, fears and joys so I can hold them with you and support you in navigating what you need moving forward; what you need of yourself, your family and of me during my time with you. How can I be most useful during our session today? You may need some rest while I watch or hold baby, or you may need a meal prepped, support with breast or bottle feeding positions, a conversation about how you want to move forward with sleeping arrangements or about how to talk with your older children about this family transition, or maybe some support in managing visiting family and friends! There can be so much, both expected and unexpected, that arises during the first weeks of welcoming a new life into your family.

It is my goal that at the end of our time together you feel fulfilled and confident. My longing is for every parent-child relationship to be nourished and balanced. I endeavor to offer the support needed to make this a reality from the very start. Your relationship with your children and your journey as a parent will be ever evolving. I believe taking those first steps into parenting this new person – building this new relationship – with intention and a willingness to be open to the support you need will ripple through the years of your family’s life.