“My husband and I highly recommended Nora’s postpartum doula services to any family in the first few days and weeks after bringing their baby home. We were nervous about welcoming our first child home without the benefit of family in the area. The support that Nora provided went far beyond helping us get the hang of feeding, diapering, soothing, and attending to our daughter’s other basic needs. Nora also provided us emotional and physical support. Nora’s expertise helped us make informed evidence-based decisions about how we would care for our daughter. This helped my husband and I feel more confident as new parents. She also provided me support as I recovered from my cesarean delivery—scaling the stairs when the baby or I need something, driving us to medical appointments, ensuring I stayed hydrated, and reminding me to eat. In addition, Nora’s warm demeanor made it a pleasure to welcome her into our home and our daughter’s life—our baby girl was always very comfortable with Nora. Even for experienced parents, bringing home a new baby is a huge transition. We know Nora will be a tremendous help when it’s time to give our baby girl a sibling!”

Lourdes & Felipe

“Nora was a calming, compassionate presence during the challenging, sleep-deprived early weeks of my baby’s life. Her visits allowed me to get much needed rest and restored some order to our household. She also provided a lot of valuable information, insight, and resources for a new mom. Working with Nora was a lovely experience!”


“I have come to know Nora in a professional capacity and have had nothing but wonderful interactions with her. She once sat in on a 20-hour childbirth education class series I taught. I observed her to be very warm, respectful of varying perspectives, and impressively knowledgeable on the topic of the postpartum period. I know my class participants appreciated her fresh perspective on current research and best practices for new parents. Nora strikes me as someone who would be very flexible and open to offering tailored support to meet the needs of a wide variety of families – whether it be with feeding support, help around the home, or offering a compassionate listening ear. I believe that any family would consider themselves very fortunate to have Nora by their side as they navigate the waters of their postpartum period!”

Amy Moy, River Bend Birth Services