Working Together

Please contact me for a free consultation!

My first hour visit is always free. I would love to meet with you prenatally to see if we are a good fit! If you have already welcomed baby into the world please contact me right away so we can set up a visit in the next few days!

I have a four hour minimum per day session, eight hour minimum per night session and twelve hour minimum per client. I offer night, day and combo packages and I am very open to talking to you about what scheduling works for you and your family. Contact me to discuss personalized packaging so I can best support you! 

What Day Sessions Look Like:   Day sessions can consist of everything from going over any questions or concerns you may have about baby behavior or care, processing through parenting decisions of all kinds, meal prep, care for birthing person’s recovering body, to processing through the birth story and so much more. We will always start with a check in and make a plan from there consisting of your priorities during our time together, with the knowledge that something else may arise. There can be so much expected and unexpected that can come up and I am there with you through it all!

What Night Sessions Look Like:   In my experience night sessions are usually needed because either parents are needing more sleep or struggling with putting baby back down after night feedings, or both! If it is a pure and simple need for sleep I will take care of your baby during the night – except to breastfeed if you are! This is very important! If you are breastfeeding you must never go longer than three hours without expressing milk either by feeding or pumping in the first weeks after birth. If you are struggling with nighttime baby care I will be up with you, working on strategies to make nights smoother. Many times there is a good combination of both. These are not the only ways night sessions can go! But they are the most common. Let’s talk and see what kind of night support you are hoping for!

Please Note:   I am not a medical professional, nanny,** mommy’s helper or house cleaner. While acting as your postpartum doula I will not provide any medical advice, take care of your children while you leave the house to run errands or see friends, take care of your children while you work, or clean your house. I provide professional support for families, primarily in the postpartum period, in practical and emotional ways that do not include the above list. If you have any questions about this please contact me!! I would love to talk more about my scope of practice and how I can help you in finding the support you are needing – even if that ends up not being my services! 

**I will on occasion take on a nanny family when my schedule allows. Feel free to contact me to discuss how my nanny services differ from my doula services!