About Me

Congratulations on this exciting, beautiful and tender time; welcoming a new life into your family! I am a postpartum doula currently in the Sacramento area, offering practical and caring support to families in their fourth trimester, empowering you in your own unique parenting and bonding with baby! I will be relocating to Tustin, California in October 2019 and am excited to start accepting new clients in Southern California! 

It is my belief that every family should have access to postpartum support. The first few weeks after birth are a tender time. Recovering emotionally and physically from birth, family bonding with baby, finding sleep and feeding rhythms; these are all an of course, but there can also be so much that unexpectedly arises whether this is your first or fifth baby! I support families through whatever may arise and advocate for the appropriate and best care to be given.

I began my journey toward being a postpartum doula in 2016. The moment I learned what the role of a postpartum doula was I knew it was what I wanted to be offering to families. I immediately found the next DONA training and enrolled. In 2018 I was able to structure my life so I can make this work my focus.

We all come into this world as unique individuals, and each family is unique! I look forward to celebrating your family’s individuality and extraordinary beauty at this miraculous time – welcoming in a new life!


“My husband and I highly recommended Nora’s postpartum doula services to any family in the first few days and weeks after bringing their baby home.
We were nervous about welcoming our first child home without the benefit of family in the area. The support that Nora provided went far beyond helping us get the hang of feeding, diapering, soothing, and attending to our daughter’s other basic needs.
Nora also provided us emotional and physical support. Nora’s expertise helped us make informed evidence-based decisions about how we would care for our daughter.  This helped my husband and I feel more confident as new parents. She also provided me support as I recovered for my cesarean delivery—scaling the stairs when the baby or I need something, driving us to medical appointments, ensuring I stayed hydrated, and reminding me to eat.
In addition, Nora’s warm demeanor made it a pleasure to welcome her into our home and our daughter’s life—our baby girl was always very comfortable with Nora.
Even for experienced parents, bringing home a new baby is a huge transition. We know Nora will be a tremendous help when it’s time to give our baby girl a sibling!”
— Lourdes & Felipe, clients

“Nora was a calming, compassionate presence during the challenging, sleep-deprived early weeks of my baby’s life. Her visits allowed me to get much needed rest and restored some order to our household. She also provided a lot of valuable information, insight, and resources for a new mom. Working with Nora was a lovely experience!”
– AJ, Client