About Me

Congratulations on this exciting, beautiful and tender time; welcoming a new life into your family! I am a postpartum doula serving Orange County and surrounding areas, offering practical and caring support to families in their fourth trimester; empowering you in your own unique parenting and bonding with baby!

It is my belief that every family should have access to postpartum support. The first few weeks after birth are a tender time. Recovering emotionally and physically from birth, family bonding with baby, finding sleep and feeding rhythms; these are all an of course, but there can also be so much that unexpectedly arises whether this is your first or fifth baby! I support families through whatever may arise and advocate for the appropriate and best care to be given.

My work is rooted in holding space and empowering parents. As your postpartum doula the first thing we will do is sit down together and take a moment, letting go of all the expectations fettering your mind. You can unload all of your experiences, fears and joys so I can hold them with you and support you in navigating what you need moving forward. We will discuss what your priorities are in our time together and make a plan for that session while being open to whatever unexpected things may arise. It is my goal that at the end of our time together you feel fulfilled and confident. My longing is for every parent-child relationship to be nourished and balanced. I endeavor to offer the support needed to make this a reality from the very start. Your relationship with your children and your journey as a parent will be ever evolving. I believe taking those first steps into parenting this new person – building this new relationship – with intention and a willingness to be open to the support you need will ripple through the years of your family’s life.

I began my journey toward being a postpartum doula in 2016. The moment I learned what the role of a postpartum doula was I knew it was what I wanted to be offering to families. I immediately found the next DONA training and enrolled. In 2018 I was able to structure my life so I can make this work my focus.

We all come into this world as unique individuals, and each family is unique! I look forward to celebrating your family’s individuality and extraordinary beauty at this miraculous time – welcoming in a new life!

…she often knew what we needed before we knew. Looking back on our daughter’s first few weeks, it is hard to imagine having done it without Nora.”

“Nora is incredible – working with her was one of the best birth decision we made! She joined my wife and I for the first five weeks at home with our daughter. She helped us learn how to care for our little one, manage sleeplessness, and troubleshoot unexpected challenges, including troubles with breastfeeding and nighttime sleep. She was knowledgeable and responsive when it came to making recommendations. After learning about our sleep preferences and our concerns, Nora customized a recommendation for us. She was resourceful, too. On several occasions, Nora offered to connect us with various specialists. To us, this showed that Nora was connected in the regional doula/birth community and that she could guide us to evaluate concerns as needed. Nora was also perceptive and adaptable. After the first few weeks, Nora sensed that we were feeling more confident as new parents. Ever determined to be supportive, she adapted to our new confidence by helping us focus on other matters. The most significant of these other matters was preparing for the emotional and logistical challenges of Chas’s return to work. Nora’s adaptability meant that she often knew what we needed before we knew. Looking back on our daughter’s first few weeks, it is hard to imagine having done it without Nora.”

Chas & Samar

Nora was so knowledgeable, calming and a wonderful resource.”

“My daughter recently gave birth to her first child, of course as a grandmother I was excited to offer to come help, once they were released from the hospital. My daughter was grateful and happy to have me come, she also had engaged the services of postpartum doula Nora Meade. Nora began her services right away after the new parents and their newborn daughter were home. I had not ever heard the term ‘postpartum doula’ so I was curious and wondered what she would do. Having had my daughter over 35 years ago, I was amazed such a service even existed!

Nora was so knowledgeable, calming and a wonderful resource. Nora recognized early on that my new granddaughter was having trouble latching deep enough and recommended a lactation consultant for an evaluation. Nora made the call and set up an appointment that was convenient for my daughter – she didn’t just hand my daughter a phone number. If something was needed Nora would stop and pick it up on her way over to the house. As a new mom you have a million questions (no matter how prepared you think you are), Nora was so wonderful as a guiding hand to show you how and support both mom and baby. I myself learned so much! Nora included me as well! I got plenty of time with my new granddaughter, and was able to focus on other areas of support. As a grandmother I was very impressed with how she helped my daughter and her husband become confident new parents.”

Granny Dale